In 2009, this mighty oak was plagued with fungus and rotting branches. A group of concerned seniors rallied to save it and today it stands as you see it here. A vibrant example of the renewal of nature and the power of caring. La Conner school grounds. Washington.

BC Fountain

Lovely surprise on a walk behind the Parliament building in Victoria, BC. 

Weather Weirdness

What a difference a day makes. Top photo is a snowstorm (shot in color not black and white). 30 degrees and zero visibility. Bottom photo was taken of the same scene 24 hours later! Balmy and 55 degrees. Gotta love Mother Nature. Photo was taken from 4th street overlooking La Conner and the Swinomish Channel.

Morning Migration

They come like waves of ribbons across the sky. Rows of wings. Shape-shifting in flight. Forming first circles then lines then arches. A mesmerizing choreography only they can do. Instinctive. Fleeting. Inspiring.