O Canada

Victoria, BC is always good for a little taste of London. A bit of formality can help balance the chaos.

March Sky

Snow geese head to the bay from the potato fields of Skagit Valley.


A light mist in the air following heavy rain creates a watercolor look to the fall trees. A city street becomes a Monet!

Black on Brown

Winter scenes like this one always remind me of my childhood pen and ink sketches.

Sunset at 27 Degrees

If you could bottle what these winter sunsets feel like, the label would read “Heaven.”

Snow Geese Arrive

Every November, thousands of these birds migrate to Skagit Valley from Alaska and Siberia They feed on the fields and float in the bay until Spring.


In 2009, this mighty oak was plagued with fungus and rotting branches. A group of concerned seniors rallied to save it and today it stands as you see it here. A vibrant example of the renewal of nature and the power of caring. La Conner school grounds. Washington.

Skagit River Tribute

Skagit River is the largest and most biologically important river draining into the Puget Sound. Starting in Canada, the river and its tributaries drain an area of 1.7 Million acres. It supports one of the largest bald eagle populations in the US, every native species of salmon, two species of trout and thousands of snow geese and trumpeter…

Padilla Bay

Padilla Bay is one of 15 national marine estuaries and provides 11,000 acres of research. The park offers campsites, cabins and beach access.